Department of Politics and Economics


As in the past, this year also, the Department of Politics and Economics was illustrated by the excellence of work of its members. From theory to case study, from America to Asia, our professors have covered a range of topics in their scientific and well-appreciated research. Walter Dorn, our Visiting Professor who holds a Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Human Security Fellowship, published a remarkable sum of articles and presented a significant number of papers on the subjects as varied as the peacekeeping concept, the foreign policy of Canada, the question of East Timor, and human security. Moreover, Walter Dorn is named director of program to the IPSI, professor-researcher with the NPSIA, secretary of Canadian Pugwash Group. Our part-time faculty Michel Bourbonnière and Adjunct Professor Louis Haeck were also active by publishing essays in the specialized journals of air and space law. Michel Bourbonnière is honoured ‘Knight of Malta’. Louis Haeck, for his part, is elected member of the executive of ILAC.

Appraiser of the Fonds FCAR, Philippe Constantineau has published a chapter on the Canadian parliamentary system and made presentations to the prestigious conferences. David Last continued his formidable work. Several organizations and institutions consulted him. Some of the papers he presented in different forums are published in the form of book chapters. Moreover, D. Last undertook an interesting research in Sierra Leone on the efforts of rebuilding in this country devastated by a brutal and prolonged war. Lubomyr Luciuk published an imposing monograph on the Immigration of Ukrainians in Canada. Pierre Paquette was interested in the natural resources of Quebec. The result of his research appears in the form of a book, Les Mines du Québec. Administrative responsibilities did not prevent Joel Sokolsky, appointed Doyen of Arts, to continue his research activities and collaboration with the Privy Council and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. He published articles in refereed journals and as book chapters. Military questions and Canada-American relations in the field of security continue to draw the attention of Joel Sokolsky. Co-director of a major work on the Canadian policy and a book on the Armenian genocide, Alan Whitehorn also published three book chapters. Invited professor, John Young presented two papers to the West Point College and the University of Manitoba. Houchang Hassan-Yari continued his collaboration with the Privy Council and other agencies of the federal government. He is editor of a book on the peace process in the Middle East. In addition to the publication of some book chapters, H. Hassan-Yari made paper presentations in Canada and in the Middle East.

The professors of the Department continued their collaboration with the North American and international medias. Dozens of radio and televised interviews and articles for national newspapers show our commitment to the public education. These activities have been very positive for presenting the Royal Military College of Canada to the Canadian public. The modesty of the research funds allocated did not discourage our professors from making more with less!