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Walter Dorn interviewed on CBC News Network, February 21, 2015.
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 Dorn TEDx TFS WithTitleSlide 2018

“The Evolution of Global Governance,” TEDx talk at Toronto French School (TFS), 2018. YouTube link:


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“Technologies for UN Peacekeeping,” part of the online seminar, “PeaceTech: Harnessing Technology to Advance Peacebuilding,”
Centre for Security Governance, Feb 2017, (min 20:40-44:27)



TC109 Guest Speaker: Walter Dorn

video by Tech Change (Sept 2014)

What kinds of Technology are now available to UN Peacekeeping Operations? Listen to Dr. Walter Dorn discuss the technological …



Dr. Walter Dorn, Canadian peacekeeping

video by StraightGoodsNews (2010)

Will Canada be a UN Peacekeeper again?” Canadian Forces College Professor Walter Dorn, in conversation with the Globe and …


The Cuban Missile Crisis – UN mediated conflict resolution

video by Science4Peace (2014)

Walter Dorn is Professor of Defence Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) and the Canadian Forces College … (HD)




Walter Dorn – Introduction of Luis Moreno Ocampo (2012)

video by Science4Peace

The Eric Fawcett Fall Forum 2012 was co-sponsored by Canadian Pugwash Group and Science for Peace. For the address by …